Do you want to beautify your property and add value to it? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t want an attractive looking home or office building? What’s the secret you may ask? Our answer is concrete commercial paving.

First impressions last and you want to make a good one. Adding an aesthetically pleasing area around your property can increase value to your commercial investments. Add to that, you will be creating an accessible and more interesting landscape.

At Champion Builders, we know what it takes to do commercial paving and do it well. Our impressive portfolio of projects speaks for itself. Our capabilities go beyond traditional paving work. But what exactly is commercial paving and why do you need it?

Studies show that concrete commercial paving “has a proven performance and service record.” Recently, more and more municipal roads are being paved with concrete block paving. You may have also noticed them in urban renewal projects and in the parking lots of major shopping malls.

Getting your paving done right is imperative. Today we will be going over a breakdown of everything you need to know when it comes to concrete commercial and industrial paving.

Why use concrete commercial paving?

Firstly, it’s a much stronger option that asphalt. Secondly, it has a greater load capacity than asphalt. This makes it an ideal material choice for high traffic and heavy load areas. In addition, concrete pavers are made to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Unlike asphalt surfaces, concrete paving yields low maintenance costs. This is due to the fact that they deteriorate much slower. Another plus is that concrete paving blocks blend with the environment and creates a compelling landscape. You can also make use of coloured pavers to create patterns and even pictures.

Where can you use concrete paving and why?

For Commercial projects:

#1 – Service station forecourts– They resist oil and petrol spillages. They can also bear the load of heavy vehicles.

#2 – Taxi ranks – They can be used as demarcation lanes to ensure orderly passenger queuing.

#3 – Places of worship – They create aesthetically pleasing sights in the parking lots of churches. The concrete blocks can also be used to match or blend in with the colour of the church building.

#4 – Car parks – Many car parks in office buildings, shopping malls and residential areas use concrete block paving. They enhance the area and create an uplifting and harmonising environment.

For Industrial projects:

#1 – Warehouses and factories – Cranes and forklifts are heavy vehicles. Concrete paving has a high load bearing capacity therefore it is able to withstand heavy loads.

#2 – Harbours and airports – The chamfered edge on concrete pavers shed surface water fast. For this reason, they are ideal for use in harbours. At airports, they can be used to mark a distinct area for the pilot to park.

#3 – Quarries – Their tough and hard-wearing surface makes concrete pavers ideal for roads in quarries.As an added advantage, they lower dust levels

For Domestic projects:

#1 – Pool Paving – Brick paving adds a functional and attractive surrounding for your pool. It is non-slip so provides much needed safety.

#2 – Driveway paving – Brick driveway paving is functional, attractive and adds value to your property

Why choose Champion Builders for industrial and commercial paving?

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