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Do you have a patio area that experiences a high degree of activity? In many instances, patio paving provides an excellent, low priced solution. The team here at Champion Builders, Durban and PMB offer a wide range of paving services that are sure to address your requirements whether you need to pave for practicality, aesthetics or both. 

With regards to quality paving, there are two aspects that need to be taken into account: the type of pavers used, and the base. We are able to work with a broad selection of different materials, offering you an affordable patio paving solution that will complement your home and the surrounding garden. 

Creating a path involves more than simply laying brick, and for this reason it is essential to ensure you enlist the help of experienced patio paving contractors, such as Champion Builders. As mentioned, a good base is vital, as it permits for effective drainage, ensures the pavers are level and helps avoid them moving over time.

Patio paving outdoor residential
If you are planning to improve the appearance of your garden or your home, it is absolutely worth while trying considering a paving option. In fact, stone paving has various uses for garden landscaping. There are soft textured pavers for sidewalks, patios and driveways and so you can choose one that is appropriate for your home as well as your budget. Pavers of different sizes, shapes and colours are combined to give a captivating finish.
As part of hard landscaping, paving produces useful spaces in gardens as pathways, under clothes lines, around pools or as featured entertaining areas. Versatile and durable, paving is also an effective substitute for grass where the drought conditions so prevalent in South Africa, plus water shortages are an ongoing concern. As an attribute, paving done well appears stunning with patterns and styles ranging from basic plain or coloured concrete slabs to classic red herringbone bricks or the blended textures and colours of crazy paving designs.

Patio Paving can:

  • Beautify your garden

Stone paving is best implemented in garden areas. By stacking these pavers one above another, one can make short walls around the garden. The Sun Paving team can easily make appealing borders and edging around driveways, patios and gardens.

  • Adorn your swimming pool

Sandstone pavers can be utilised around swimming pools as an attractive, practical and colourful surface. Earth toned shades of the sandstone will contrast with the pool’s colour. Champion Builders can use sandstone pool coping, especially along the edges of the pool to achieve a uniform appearance. Even non-skid coatings may also be applied to the surface of the paving stones to ensure protection.

  • Paving stones can be utilised as steps to the door, deck, patio or porch to get a resort-like feel.

When you are considering brick for your patios, consider Champion Builders. We are one of the top contractors of paving solutions in Durban, Pinetown and PMB – and every where in between. We offer an unusual and elegant solution for your KZN home providing you the perfect service and the best style for your home improvement project. When it comes to inexpensive paving, turn to our experienced patio paving team. We will find a solution that meets your requirements not lead you down the garden path!


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