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If you are looking to transform your existing driveway or to construct a brand-new driveway then talk to experts at Champion Builders. We do professional driveway paving that can add value to your property. Brick paving is an affordable, attractive solution for your home’s driveway.

Champion Builders is one of Durban’s most reputable and experienced driveway paving companies. We will ensure that your driveway will stand out from your friends and neighbours with practical and long-lasting paving. We are experienced contractors who are able to offer affordable driveway paving services for your residence or business.
If you want to pave your driveway there are several aspects to consider, design being one of the most important. There are several designs and colours to choose from. With our many  years of experience, Champion Builders will create the perfect addition for the entrance
to your home
Brick driveways are very durable if they are properly maintained and can last for

around 25 years. That’s about the same life span you can expect to get from concrete before you start to see cracking and chipping. For the same life span, you can have the far more elegant and personalised option of brick pavers on your driveway.

We service your area and will come to your home and discuss the options with you

to ensure that you get a great looking and functional driveway, at a price you can afford. There are many different kinds of pavers and patterns to choose from, allowing you to customise the entrance to your home in a way that best suits your taste and style.

Champion Builders offers a wide variety of patterns, offering an interesting, exciting and elegant look that compliments any home. We can create your home driveway, cost-effectively, using the right combination of materials. By simply using a natural design, create accent points with pavers and complete your driveway paving by adding landscaping and light features.
Cottage stone driveway paving
Our paving solutions are high quality and our team have some wonderful ideas on
how the job can be completed most effectively. You will certainly notice a significant difference with the Champion Builders high standards as we assist you with meeting your budget requirements for paving.

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Driveway FAQ

  • What is the best paving for driveways?

    Brick paving or concrete paving works best for driveways

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