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Are you thinking about improving or extending your home? If your answer is yes, then you have landed on the right page. Your home is your castle. It is where the heart is. If yours is in need of a face-lift to make it feel more like the home of your dreams, we can help.

If the space you are living in does not reflect you, your family, or your needs, then a home improvement could be just what you need. At Champion Builders, we are passionate about making dreams come true. Our home improvement projects have brought joy to many families in Pietermaritzburg.

A home renovation can have huge benefits and is a great investment in your future. We are in the business of breathing new life into old, out-dated homes. Our home improvements and extensions have had positive effects on the lives of the clients we have served.

Home extensions in Pietermaritzburg
Why should you renovate your home?
  1. To increase your comfort – There are many reasons why one would renovate a home but comfort should be at the top of that list. You want your house to feel like a home so increasing your comfort and enjoyment of your space are really important factors to consider.
  2. Increase your property value – If you are planning on selling your home then renovating can considerably increase its value. Upgrading or replacing broken, dilapidated structures can add a new look and feel to it thus attracting potential buyers.
  3. To update the style of your home – Many of us have dreams of an improved lifestyle. Updating the style of your home can improve its appeal and overall appearance. It can also give you an increased sense of satisfaction.
  4. Increase the safety – Perhaps your home has a few safety issues that need immediate attention. Problems such as faulty electrical systems, leaking roofs or cracks in the foundation can be detrimental to the safety of you and your family. Our team can help you feel safe again.
  5. Increase your homes efficiency – Efficient homes can save you tons of money. Having an energy efficient home can lower the costs of your monthly bills. Installing products such as programmable thermostats, energy efficient globes or even upgrading your appliances can save you in the long-run.
Why should you extend your home?
  1. To upgrade your homes function – If you need more space because your family may be growing, an extension will make your life a lot easier. Adding an extra room, kitchen, or entertainment area can modernise and improve your homes efficiency and make your family happier.
  2. Make it attractive to potential buyers – Upgrading or extending a home is a sure-fire way to increase its value. Champion Builders are here to help you get your house in tip-top shape for a sale.
  3. Adapt it to your needs and lifestyle – If your kitchen or any other part of your home is too cramped for your large family, extending it can modernise and improve its efficiency. It is and excellent way to gain that extra, much needed space needed for you and your growing family.
  4. You can design it the way you want – Have you always dreamed of having a walk-in wardrobe, skylight or perhaps an en suite? Extending your home to include these options, further add value to your property. You also have the added benefit of designing it just the way you like.
Why choose us to Renovate or Extend your Home?

Home improvements and extensions can sometimes be large, expensive investments. As with most of these projects they come with huge benefits and can be a great investment in your future.

Champion Builders understand the time, effort and energy it takes to improve or extend your home. That’s why we have a team of skilled artisans that will make your home renovation a hassle-free project. Get in touch with us today and allow us to improve your life. We service areas in Pietermaritzburg and have completed many successful projects.


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