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Do you need expert tiling services for your home or business in Pietermaritzburg? Leave your tiling in the hands of the professionals at Champion Builders. If you want peace-of-mind, a better quality finish and experienced technicians, hiring the right specialists is what you need to do.

We pride ourselves on delivering premium quality floor and wall tiling for homes and businesses across Pietermaritzburg. We provide ideal designs, colours and finishes that leave lasting impressions. Enhance your bathroom, kitchen and other living areas with tiling that brings a fresh new look to your space.

The demand for tiling has increased due to its adaptability and resilience. More and more home owners are opting to install tiles as they can be used in a variety of environments such as floors, walls or counter tops in homes and businesses.

Tiling is a cost-effective, easy-to-install and attractive flooring option that can make any home look fantastic. You can enjoy great value for money and numerous benefits such as:

  1. Durability: If you are looking for an extremely resilient type of flooring, then choose tiles. They are the perfect option for high-traffic areas and are stain and water resistant and also offer great wear and tear properties.
  2. Cost-effective: Depending on the type of tile you choose, they can be one of the cheapest flooring surfaces on the market today. Their longevity and lack of costly maintenance make them worth every cent.
  3. Low maintenance: Because tiles are so durable, they require very little maintenance. They are easy to clean and if a sealant is applied every few years, they will stay in shape and last years.
  4. Increased property value: If you are thinking of selling your property, adding tiles can significantly increase its resale value. Attractive tiling can potentially add thousands of Rands to the value of your home or business.
  5. Environmentally friendly: Most tiles are made of raw materials that are not only plentiful, they are easy to mine as well as manufacture. These can include clay, glass or sand. These sustainable materials can be sourced locally and minimise the carbon emissions from mining equipment.

Choose from a variety of options: Floor and wall tiles are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes, textures and designs. Choosing the best one for hoe should be a breeze.

Tiling services
Why Choose our Tiling Services?

Our tiling contractors have delivered top-quality tiling services to many homes and businesses across Pietermaritzburg. Our floor and wall tiling services have been used in residential homes and various other industries.

We have always been committed to providing our valued clients with fresh new looks for their living or working environments. Adding tiles can make your outdoor or indoor areas look exquisite.  

Superior Tiling Contractors in Pietermaritzburg

We are experienced in tiling other areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, countertops, entertainment areas and many more. For value for money and peace-of-mind, get in touch with us today. We are equipped with the tools and knowledge to undertake any job you may have in Pietermaritzburg.

Don’t hesitate to speak to us regarding tile and design options that best suit your space and budget. We are eager to help you get your tiling project off the ground today.


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