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Champion Builders has provided quality commercial paving solutions for various areas, including the surroundings of Moses Mahbida Stadium. Commercial paving adds a
classic and accessible feel to any area and makes the landscape more interesting.
The company’s impressive portfolio of projects speaks for itself. Trusted by the Durban, Pinetown and PMB area’s most prestigious architectural and development
firms, Champion Builders attention to detail, incredible craftsmanship and ability to rise to any challenge represent the foundations of their long-established legacy. Any commercial project of course begins with the design. Regardless of how intricate or detailed, Champion Builders always manages to bring the architect’s vision to life.
The principal advantages of brick paving in architecture lie in the wide variety of colours, textures, forms and patterns that are inherent in this form of construction.
Architectural applications include:
The interior and exteriors of buildings
Footpaths, malls and pedestrian plazas
Champion Builders capabilities go beyond traditional paving work. Through the past 30+ years, the company has specialised in an array of commercial paving services that get the job done on time and exceed expectations.
paved parking lot done by sun paving
The team at Champion Builders knows what it takes to do paving well. We offer a wide range of paving services including parking lots, walkways, courtyards and other specialised commercial requirements.

Your paving investment will pay dividends when you are looking to attract new tenants. Beautifying your property with attractive paving will not only help maintain your property but will continue to add value over the years.

We don’t want the area surrounding our businesses to be an eye sore and Champion Builders can add a professional look to your business. Added to that, Champion Builders can increase value to your commercial investments.
It really is important to maintain the surrounds of ones business as it is often main point of fascination, or first impression for those visiting your business. If it is organised in a proper manner, it leaves an excellent impression on your clients, customers or suppliers. Paving contractors give you that quality workmanship needed for commercial paving projects.
We carry out a number of services such as contributing our best in using exquisite tile, brick or stone paving, beautifying large gardens, lawn features, pavements, pathways, drive-ways and retaining walls to complete a project, making it beautiful and safe for all to enjoy
View our gallery and imagine the effect that Champion Builders could have on your business.

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