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The staff at Champion Builders have worked very hard to help customers get good results with their stone pool paving projects with really good results and glowing reports.
Families in Durban and Pietermaritzburg all love our pool paving. We are also aware of pool safety and although pool fencing is given due consideration, pool paving or pool edging also needs specific and careful attention.
Installed around the immediate perimeter of your swimming pool, safety is the top priority in pool paving. Where fences create an effective boundary around your swimming pool area, pool paving done by Champion Builders provides secure protection in getting in and out of your pool.
As a safety measure, the benefits of pool paving are obvious but other benefits include extending the life of your pool by the way of providing a protective border and enhancing the beauty of your pool
Swimming pool edges need to be well finished to avoid slipping. Choosing a quality
pool paving contractor is not an easy task, but we would like to assure you that we are specialists in this type of paving. We offer a natural, elegant, state of the art finish with perfect texture, durability, warmth that adds exquisiteness and class to the surroundings of your outdoor pools.
We believe in the highest standard of work and offer optimum workmanship with full integrity. We provide an amazing service with full convenience and a wide variety of exceptional material options to choose from that will stand the test of time. We focus on durability and sustainability in the end product. We do pool paving with a combination of utility, style and innovation.
Never choose your pool coping materials blindly, we will help and guide you with your selection and then our paving experts will be at your service. We will get the job done right using the right materials. Before starting the project, you must keep in mind a few factors regarding pool paving material. Choose the one which not only enhances the look of your pool but also withstands the salt and chemicals present in the water. Material must be non-slippery.
paving around pool area done by sun paving
We specialize in modern design, the service provides the cleanest, contemporary edge condition whilst remaining an affordable and attractive solution for your pool area. You can customise your coping with our expert advice and assistance in order to make your project unique and according to your dream. We also make it done through precast coping units which are actually the modern version of old-fashioned cast concrete coping units. We offer a huge range of size, texture, colour and design to suit casual to formal pools in this version of paving.
You can choose any option according to your design, requirement and pool system but you will get a consistent service in pool coping every single time, which is our dutiful promise to our clients. Your satisfaction is our motto.

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