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Are you taking your ceiling for granted? Is it in need of replacing? Do you perhaps need a new ceiling installed? If so, Champion Builders should be your #1 choice.

We provide customers in Pietermaritzburg with complete, professional ceiling solutions.Your ceiling defines your room’s aesthetics. It is an important element of the interior design of your space. It has the ability to alter the physical characteristics of a room and complete the overall look and feel of it.

Ceilings protect and conceal the plumbing and electrical systems above them. A professionally installed ceiling can play a key role in how you feel and interact with a building.

At Champion Builders, we understand the importance of ceilings of in building design.Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with premier customer service and unparalleled workmanship in every project we undertake. Our wide range of ceiling solutions are designed to meet your unique project needs.

Our main focus is on delivering top quality service and customer satisfaction.

Pietermaritzburg’s Premier Ceiling Specialists

Whether you’re thinking of plastering your ceiling or replacing it, we can help. We are experienced in a diverse range of projects and industries and offer complete flexibility. We are a reputable ceiling installer servicing clients in Pietermaritzburg. Our knowledgeable team is on-hand to advise and assist you in sourcing the most cost-effective ceiling solutions without compromising on quality.

Our comprehensive approach to project management ensures you get the best value for money, professional workmanship, and timeous completion.

Affordable Ceiling Installer in Pietermaritzburg

Our team at Champion Builders believe that communication is a key aspect in our industry. We will work with you to meet deadlines and strive to ensure that you experience a smooth, affordable and hassle-free ceiling installation process.

We will keep the communication lines open to guarantee that your installation is carried out according to your preferences. We continually strive to bring our customers quality and durable ceiling solutions that are designed to last a long time.We understand that no jobs are the same and that every ceiling is unique.

We will work with you to construct a ceiling that meets your unique needs. You can rest assured that your project will be done right and to the highest level of quality.

Signs that your ceiling needs repairing or replacing

Over time, your ceiling may get damaged and need repairing or replacing. If it shows significant signs of damage, you should get an expert to access it immediately. This will avoid health and safety risks and more costly damage.

Minor cosmetic damage may just require you to repair rather than replace it. Speak to us about the best solution for you.

Here are a few signs that your ceiling may need repairing or replacing

  • It begins to crack
  • It shows signs of severe water damage
  • It leaks
  • If it has mould growth
  • It has been infested by pests
  • If it starts to sag and shows signs of collapsing
  • The damage interferes with your lighting, wiring and ventilation
  • It starts to crumble, swell or bulge

Ceilings, like many other fixtures or structures in your home, are susceptible to wear and tear. Defects in your ceiling bring potential health and safety hazards. For this reason, you need a trusted ceiling restoration and installation company.

Speak to us today and let us carry out your ceiling repairs and installations in Pietermaritzburg.


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